Hi, Hello..... Ciao!

Camilla here! a lover of all things wild, whimsical & unique. Especially flowers!

Those who know me well call me Millie or Mum, yes... i have three kids and a gorgeous husband. I like to call him my king forager, he's also really helpful on busy days when i'm blissfully flowering away in my own little world, he'll pick up the broom and start sweeping or you may see him doing a delivery or two or helping me out on site at a wedding..Lucky me hey!

I guess i've always stopped to smell the roses, my italian grandfather (Nonno as we call him) moved over to Australia years and years ago and his first job was head grafter of Dumont Rose gardens, My Nonna and my Mum have also been big influencers for their love of nature & flowers. I remember in my childhood the aroma of their well kept cottage gardens in spring, and days spent outside picking flowers. To make it short & sweet, i spent the last 7 years nursing and after my youngest two were born i decided it was time for a change, i wanted to find something i was passionate about, that i loved doing. I always had a creative side ( i love art, colour & texture!) so thats why i decided to explore floristry and i haven’t looked back! There are so many reasons why creating an arrangement for someone brings out so much joy. Wether it be for a new born baby, oa life once lived, or a celebration of love, every posy, bouquet or arrangement is special. Opening up Hello Fleur has given me the chance to express myself through my flowers, I don't like to think of it as a job, because i just love doing it!